ISP Load Balancing – Multi WAN

Ya sometime we are looking for High speed . LTE ? DSL etc … each has technology has it own limitation . and sometime you would like to load balance your traffic between multiple ISP ! .

DSL good for gaming , but bandwidth  limitation ! . LTE might give you good bandwidth but with latency ( not suitable for gaming ).

what about if you would like doubling your bandwidth . ya might work

now there are many affordable multi wan or Gateway load balancing  routers . yes they become cheap and really provide advance features .

you can utilize those boxes to expand your bandwidth , or choose which apps/server utilize which ISP . the beauty also some provide you with statistics that if you run this app let say youtube it will be much faster in ISP 1 , more than ISP 2 . having latency monitor + bandwidth gauges


I would recommend peplink – nice product and it do the job . you can order it from amazon or any online shop . link here


if you want a simple and cost effective one . you could also consider TP-Link gateway LB . its available in Kuwait from Burhain Tech in Huawei .



Huawei B618 LTE-A Pro

bolt.pngHuawei released its new router which is cat11 . with download speed up to  600 MBit/s in the downlink and 50 MBit/s in the uplink.  4 × 4 MIMO  which is really interesting .

cat11 means triple aggregation . better than cat6 which is two ..

there is one catch here you need to watch your Operator does it support it or not . also if you have cat6 with lower speed don’t expect with cat11 you will get higher since the operator network might be congested .

so be careful from some operators saying getting this router you will get higher speed . don’t be foil for commercial stuff 🙂


LTE Watch

There is a good site offer a great tool to manage your Huawei Router . it is usually used to troubleshoot signal related such as RSSI etc . but the beauty of this tool is the following .

ability to change Freq yes . you can force your Huawei Router to which Operator Freq it can connect to . such as 800Mhz , 1800Mhz , 2600Mhz .

sometime operator Freq is congested ( loaded ) . so you could play around to find a good freq to connect to .

don’t forget also you could force LTE-A if you prefer .


this is really a great tool and I advise any Tech person to give it a shot ..


one note , for Huawei Router it has special image so make sure you download the right tool for Huawei router .

Link To the Tool

Huawei lte router e5186s-22a firmware

huawei-routerThis is my First Post after two years of stop . and i hope this time i continue to post knowledgable content supporting all .

this time its about Huawei LTE Router e5186 . its not that easy to find a firmware for this router . but i managed to find one person who had most of all operators customized Firmware . in addition to the latest ones + originial Huawei image .

Firmware Image Download Link

Upgrade procedure is a bit tricky once you run the multicast upgrade tool , you need to prcess the wps+ wifi buttons together in proper timing . i could make a video to explain it if i see comments asking for it .

personally i like the LMT firmware , it show you which Freq you are connected to . also if aggregation is working or not .



Zain Cell – Femto Cell – Troubleshooting

Zain Cell , is a service offered by Zain Kuwait to provide GSM/3G coverage for indoor places

it works via a DSL or any internet connectivity ” it works on WIMD , Mada as example ”

You can have Zain Cell by contacting Zain contract Centre , mentioning that you have low signal coverage in side house such as in basement , they will make a case for you and once confirmed that you dont have coverage they will provide you one for free ( im not sure if it still valid )

anyway once you got the device , Zain Document do not explain much even how to troubleshoot they only mention Light but that is required how to connect it is not that much clear . i will give simple procedures and how to troubleshoot it need to connect the Device by power adapter , Connect the EtherNet Cable as below


if you are lucky it will work from first time ,  keep in mind in order zain cell to work , it need internet connectivity and your router must give it an IP address by DHCP and DNS will get an IP , after using the DNS to connect to NTP and Zain System

b. it will start blinking continuos . this stage it is trying to connect to ntp servers in internet  udp 123

c.after that it will try to connect to Zain Server via IPSEC ( yes Zain femto is secured )

d. after it will scan the frequencies around as Zain , Wataniya , Viva or any to make sure no interference  happen

if all went fine , you will see it blinking on steady status -slow blinking –


if it give you Red light , or continuos Fast blinking then u have something wrong maybe because

a. Device didnt get an ip , this to be checked by your Router

b. no reachability to Zain service , try to ping  ( sometime ISPs having a problem or service is down )

c. image is corrupted , this case you need to do a hard Rest . there is a small button on the side u need small Pin and press it for few second until light become Red  as below



if all above failed then you need to contact Zain contact Centre , providing the IMEI No. Located in device base as below , sometime even they ask for serial no.




Last thing , how to make sure you are connected to Zain Cell , i mean your mobile … if you are connected you will see your mobile signal got High more bars , also when you trying to make a call before it there will be s short beep to indicate that you are calling via femto cell


if not , you need to keep your mobile near until it connect ,or sometime they ask you to close and open mobile <– dont close it instead turn on Airline mode and turn it off this trick works faster .


another good note , the signal handover works from Femto to outside cells .. if you are making a call from femto and you went outside call wont drop .

but if you are coming from outside to place where femto cell has coverage call might drop


Zain Cell works only in side Kuwait <– if you are thinking to have it abroad it wont grantee to work since Kuwait Ministry or maybe international laws prohibit  this .


For Safety keep the Device in a far place , the document mention how far it should be from human since i cant remember .


enjoy .



Cisco VPN Problem with Windows 7 on 3g usb device

As per title , we notice that users who are using cisco VPN on windows 7 connection via 3g USB device are not able to utilize the VPN connectivity , symptom as follow they are connected but no send or receive from VPN Box nothing showing and its normal .

well after a long read it is a common problem , due to DNE with cisco VPN . to fix it download winfix ( Citrix one ) .

steps are easy , uninstall cisco vpn , run the citrix DNE fix , restart your machine ,and install cisco VPN again .

Cool Huh ?

Download DNE fix from below