ISP Load Balancing – Multi WAN

Ya sometime we are looking for High speed . LTE ? DSL etc … each has technology has it own limitation . and sometime you would like to load balance your traffic between multiple ISP ! .

DSL good for gaming , but bandwidth  limitation ! . LTE might give you good bandwidth but with latency ( not suitable for gaming ).

what about if you would like doubling your bandwidth . ya might work

now there are many affordable multi wan or Gateway load balancing  routers . yes they become cheap and really provide advance features .

you can utilize those boxes to expand your bandwidth , or choose which apps/server utilize which ISP . the beauty also some provide you with statistics that if you run this app let say youtube it will be much faster in ISP 1 , more than ISP 2 . having latency monitor + bandwidth gauges


I would recommend peplink – nice product and it do the job . you can order it from amazon or any online shop . link here


if you want a simple and cost effective one . you could also consider TP-Link gateway LB . its available in Kuwait from Burhain Tech in Huawei .



Verify Your ISP Internet Speed


For Most is the usual site to verify ISP/Telco speed. how accurate is it I’m not sure .but I’m sure of one thing . when you are running a speedtest you run it against your provider ! so in this case you measure the speed to your provider network ! not the external internet speed ! .

what is the catch . some providers give speedtest ( the local hosted one ) more priority so when you perform a test you will always get higher speed ! . but when trying to browse the internet you will feel it slow .

some providers throttle Torrent and other kind of apps which we can speak about later .


there is a new site that measure the speed and experience in different way which personally I like . they don’t download a file or do ping only . they perform multiple tests such as running youtube in different quality ( SD,HD) .  in addition they started to give ranking to providers in Kuwait for example

they are not the best but they are very cool . try them and tell me what do you think 🙂 . link below

also they have iPhone,andrio app



Iphone 5 Order online – Kuwait –

If you are looking to Order Iphone 5 , cant wait the availability in Kuwait stores . or think you will get it cheap


you can order it from apple UK online store

you need to have UK shipping address service such as Aramex


notes you need to consider , Iphone 5 needs Nano chip . Wataniya and Viva announced it will be available but still Operator didnt got the chips and they didnt test it yet . so be patient


LTE : no Operator still have LTE service , keep in mind LTE has different frequencies as Band 3, 5 etc .. you need to choose the one fits with your Operator .

MOC still didnt agree on LTE Licenses for Operators so you might not enjoy the LTE Speed . in addition u might later to change your device to the model which support operator LTE frequency

i guess Model A1429 ( UK ) will works fine With Zain , for Viva might be Model A1428

recent note : Kuwait custom do not take charges for Iphone , so u need only to pay the delivery Price


additional thing , you might consider to buy the 30pin adapter since iphone 5 has different power adapter “lighting”  why ? cus you dont want to throw the old adapter you already have for Ipad,Iphone and Ipod . also the car adapter