Bulk Edit For F5 Config

Simple . sometime you create some pools and virtual in F5 LTM . and after you want to change the name of the pool or the virtual name . if you want to do it from the GUI it will takes hours . also might introduce interruption for services .


the best way to do it is like this …..

use SFTP client and login to the Standby box , pull the file called bigip.conf from /root/config ( this works for LTM and TMSH )

edit the file by editor such as notepad ++ . after upload the file to same directory


depend on you OS you are using type b load or in tmsh mode type load sys config


YESSS the new config is there now ,


why on standby huh ?


answer is easy for verification and make sure no interruption once verified , do a reverse sync

sync from standby to active node

or from active sync from standby peer



enjoy 🙂


F5 LTM Configuring MAC masquerade

If you have F5 L.B i highly recommend to enable this feature , why hmm as some unix/linux system having problem to update arp  this cus a problem for you when you try to failover to standby unit .. in addition some firewall has ARP security it wont release old arp entry quickly and need to be manual e.g Checkpoint .

why MAC masquerade


You should consider using this procedure under the following conditions:

  • To minimize ARP communications or dropped packets as a result of a failover event.
  • To improve reliability and failover speed in lossy networks.
  • To improve interoperability with switches that are slow to respond to gratuitous ARP requests.

Below url explain how to configure it .