Enterprise File Sharing a DropBox like !

File Sharing and what most call it now File Collaboration is booming , most enterprise wants a drop box similar solution .

Dropbox know for it easy of use and Free decent storage  ! But …..

Enterprise companies wont risk putting employee data on an open solution ,specially critical Data . and in same time file sharing is most important .

here comes the solution ; which is enterprise File Sharing ;

Citrix provide this option via their Cloud Based




EMC/syncplicity Provide File sharing and Sync via their Cloud or it can be installed into your enterprise network




accellion/kiteworks provide file Sharing via their cloud also on premises ( private )





this is not a comparison between the three product , its all about that such solutions exist .

the need for it in my opinion for :

  • Secure File Sharing
  • Collaboration
  • File Synchronization ( backup user Data to enterprise storage )
  • Give your employee a drop box similar which is more secure ( prevent them from using free stuff as dropbox )
  • Offload emails ( no need to send large file via email , you simply can share a link and you can define who to download also expiry date.



Cisco VPN Problem with Windows 7 on 3g usb device

As per title , we notice that users who are using cisco VPN on windows 7 connection via 3g USB device are not able to utilize the VPN connectivity , symptom as follow they are connected but no send or receive from VPN Box nothing showing and its normal .

well after a long read it is a common problem , due to DNE with cisco VPN . to fix it download winfix ( Citrix one ) .

steps are easy , uninstall cisco vpn , run the citrix DNE fix , restart your machine ,and install cisco VPN again .

Cool Huh ?

Download DNE fix from below