Home Surveillance System – Home Camera –

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Well home monitoring is an important thing specially if you have kids you want to watch remotely . or maybe u are traveling and want to verify things .

in addition having a store or a shop u want to keep an eye on .


the easiest solution is D-Link my cloud camera solution . why ? much cheaper than Hawally DVR solution were they sell the DVR with 200KD and each camera around 10 or 20 KD . also internet setup is complicated and no much software update


D-Links rocks !!! just install the camera ( the night vision one cost 25KD in Hawally ) register an account on dlink cloud , and u are done … you can watch with ur iphone ,ipad or web browser

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there is a free software called D-View , u can install it on a PC and records video , also enabling motion detection alert .

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an easy and cheaper solution 🙂


about security i think Dlink is much secure than regular DVR systems .


Check it out on Youtube 



WATCH US Medias without VPN !

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A Great new service is offered by unlocator.com . where you can Watch Hulu for example from anywhere without the Need for a VPN ! .


simply register on their web , update your IP and change DNS to point to them


they are in Beta mode now but soon they will launch their service which they told me will cost approx 4$ per Month !!!! a great price really 🙂



Iphone calendar invitation forward

in iphone there is no way to forward outlook or calendar meeting invitation , which is supposed to be there .

an alternative you can buy “Forward My Meeting” from itune . this small app do the job  🙂 personally i like it

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Download the app from here

Nigaoe – Photo Avatar

Nigaoe is iphone application to make pictures as a cartoon ones .  it is really a great application and the person behind it is actually drawing the picture its not computerized . thats why sometime it takes from 1 day to max 10 days .

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 1.53.09 AM

personally i liked the idea and the cost 3.99$ which is not that much .


i think now everyone can do his/her own avatar


note : the new update has english language , no need to explain how to use it . its simple now .


search on itune for Nigaoe and you will get the soft


Application Portal – Self Service –

I guess the name explain it all , employee in a company always complain that Helpdesk not answering the calls , slow response ..also some installation they need to send a tech support to employee office .


guess what with app portal software , employee will do it by her/him self .


the good thing also it has it is own workflow ,so still Helpdesk or admin to approve or deny , and it integrate with Microsoft SCCM .


this is the future , why to call Helpdesk of you can do it ur self .


now Self Service web or app spreading , and i beleive it is adding huge value .


ya last , SCCM 2012 has it own web for self service but microsoft didnt mention much .


Facebook Cache , twitter Cache , instagram Cache

Well the title is tricky , but this to draw attention , if you want to serve your customer with excellent customer experience , then you need to have CDNs ;

content delivery network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers in the Internet. The goal of a CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance. CDNs serve a large fraction of the Internet content today, including web objects (text, graphics, URLs and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications (e-commerce, portals), live streaming media, on-demand streaming media, and social networks.

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Most CDNs offers a partnership so Telecom or ISP can be a hub or a provider .


if you want to check which site is using which CDN then the best answer is





sync Iphone with Google Contact

it might be an old topic , but i recently needed to transfer contract from Nokia phone to Iphone .after long reading i figure it i can export my data from Nokia to CSV file , then import it in my gmail account . which is much easier .

the only thing left is how to configure the iphone to read gmail contact .  the answer is my creating a CardDAV account , below is how

go to setting



choose mail ,contact , calendar , and then choose other option



after that choose the contacts tab , and select add CARDDAV Account



NEXT ,  fill in the details as below , the Server name is google.com , username your gmail account , and password .



after that go to your contact and refresh the data 🙂


more important , any update you do it will be sync between gmail and iphone .


simple 🙂

ordering from amazon.cn

amazon.cn is available now , the only problem is the whole site in Chinese  .so you want to order from china utilizing your Aramex box ?

YES it is possible ! how ?!


first use google chrome browser , it has a feature of online translation as below

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 10.18.21 PM



second challenge was the aramex address , i was confused to put it as aramex mentioned or to put the Chinese address .  i emailed aramex and they provided me with translated address in Chinese  as below

Our address in Chinese:
电话:+86 21 6163 5511

1618 Yishan Rd      宜山路1618号
Building C 1/F        C栋1楼
Minhang District     闵行区
Shanghai               上海市
Post code: 201103 邮编:201103
Tel: +86 (21) 6163 5511 电话:+86 (21) 6163 5511


of course dont 4get to mention ur Aramex box ID in the address field




huawei b593 Router “CPE” Unlock External Antenna

Reference to the previous article , if you want to use the external antenna of huawei CPE router , you need to have an image”firmware” that unlock the use of external antenna . Unfortunately  ZAIN Firmware does not unlock this feature , but as a workaround you can download below image and upgrade the router , after you will find the option to use external antenna 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 12.40.09 AM


you can use below firmware on your own risk , for testing purpose only



This Person listed a big list of firmwares available Here

Zain Lte 4G external Router Antenna

If you are suffering from Weak Lte signal in your Zain Lte 4G router , i guess the best option is to get external antenna for it .


Zain router can support two Lte external Antenna from the back of the device



be careful dont buy any antenna from Kuwait market , make sure you get 1800 Mhz antenna . most kuwait shop are selling WIFI which is 2.4 Mh antenna claiming its for Lte , also some type ZAIN antenna on back of it and this is wrong .


if you like to get an antenna online you can get it from amazon.co.uk ( Lte Zain Compatible ). DeLock is the only one i could find online , Below it specification


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