Removing / Deleting Linkedin member or connection

i added some members and want to delete them . i thought it was hard .. well its easy

go to the blue tab above , contacts –> connections ¬†, you will find remove connection on the right side .

enjoy ūüôā

Cisco VPN Problem with Windows 7 on 3g usb device

As per title , we notice that users who are using cisco VPN on windows 7 connection via 3g USB device are not able to utilize the VPN connectivity , symptom as follow they are connected but no send or receive from VPN Box nothing showing and its normal .

well after a long read it is a common problem , due to DNE with cisco VPN . to fix it download winfix ( Citrix one ) .

steps are easy , uninstall cisco vpn , run the citrix DNE fix , restart your machine ,and install cisco VPN again .

Cool Huh ?

Download DNE fix from below

Cisco TACACS “ACS” Redundency

Well if you want to have TACACS redundancy it is easy to be configured if you have two tacacs servers .

you might think there is no way to sync data from one server to another , guess what there is !

you can make one as primary and whatever configuration on the primary will be replicated to the secondary or as many ones you want .

will explain it later .


i searched the Net¬†a lot¬†and¬†didn’t¬†find any document on how to configure it , Yes solarwinds site advise you to enable certain fields but they dont provide an example .

lets make it simple , note all commands in configuration terminal

1. you need to define a record filter as below:

 flow record Orion

 match ipv4 protocol

 match ipv4 source address

 match ipv4 destination address

 match transport source-port

 match transport destination-port

 match interface input

 match interface output

 collect counter bytes

 collect counter packets

2.Define Exporter , where you want to send the Net Flow Data

flow exporter Orion_Exporter

description Export_To_Orion

destination ( your netflow server ip )

source Loopback0 ( you need to choose your source )

transport udp 2055 ( define the port of netflow listener )

3.Create the Flow Monitor ( the main template which will include the exporter and record filter )

flow monitor Solarwinds

record Orion

exporter Orion_Exporter

4.apply the template to the interface you want to include in netflow , example the loop back

interface loopback 0

ip flow monitor Solarwinds input ( you can choose whether input or output or both )

by this it should  be working , troubleshooting is different story if needed it can be explained later

Cisco netflow v9 with solarwinds

Test Your Mail Server Relay

Simple ,

you have email server and want to test if it send email or not use the command line !


telnet to ur mail server e.g on port 25

telnet 25



mail from:<>
rcpt to:<>
This is a test, please do not respond


a msg of queuing a msg appears but then it will be sent .


usually most relay problem is DNS make sure resolving is working !


have fun

Cisco Core Power Supply Upgrade !

changing a core power supply , first thought YES i need downtime ! and how long it will take to reboot …

intrest part is no need for downtime , if Cisco power set to HA . then ….

just swap one by one with no effect hopefully …( remove old one put new one and power it up , give few min to verify , then same to the other power supply )

First time to know that, and to try it live !



add to that this even works fine for downgrading power supply .. tested

Tipping Point IPS – Wire/Hub

Well this is a simple post . i was searching the web for what does it mean by Wire and Hub mode in Tipping point IPS for interfaces mode .

after long search it is simple .


let say you have interface it has A,B side

Hub mode : if side A went down ,site B still up and viceversa

Wire mode : if side A went down , side B goes down also


which one is good , for Me is Wire mode why ? .. simple if you are using static routes or interface route Hub can cus you problem since interface still up unless you use SLA or Dynamic routing .