Smart Switch – IOT

IMG_3345If you are searching or automation geek , this product you will like for sure . its electricity switch that works on 110v or 220v . the beauty thing this works via WIFI easy to be configure and their software very nice . the most cool thing also it works with AMAZON ALEXA ! .

why i choose this , well i want it for the lighting , so buying smart bulb is very costly and really does not worth it . so alternative buying this switch ūüėõ . you could utilize it to connect different devices . but be careful of power requirements as some devices wont be safe to use this switch !

i installed it and really enjoyed it . automation is cool ūüôā

this the product box . you can order it from amazon and some offer bundle offer saving huge cost !


ISP Load Balancing – Multi WAN

Ya sometime we are looking for High speed . LTE ? DSL etc … each has technology has it own limitation . and sometime you would like to load balance your traffic between multiple ISP ! .

DSL good for gaming , but bandwidth  limitation ! . LTE might give you good bandwidth but with latency ( not suitable for gaming ).

what about if you would like doubling your bandwidth . ya might work

now there are many affordable multi wan or Gateway load balancing  routers . yes they become cheap and really provide advance features .

you can utilize those boxes to expand your bandwidth , or choose which apps/server utilize which ISP . the beauty also some provide you with statistics that if you run this app let say youtube it will be much faster in ISP 1 , more than ISP 2 . having latency monitor + bandwidth gauges


I would recommend peplink – nice product and it do the job . you can order it from amazon or any online shop . link here


if you want a simple and cost effective one . you could also consider TP-Link gateway LB . its available in Kuwait from Burhain Tech in Huawei .



SNI Proxy – Smart DNS

Have you ever wonder how smart DNS services work ? well they are using a solution called SNI . where based on DNS retriever they divert the traffic . so if you are targeting a US based it proxy traffic to the US server . if locally then it goes direct .


how about building your own Smart DNS !! seems difficult .. no! it much easier but you need to be a little IT Geek .


this guy help you how to build your own Smart DNS РVisit his site to learn more РLink  , also you could check this site link


some might ask , ok I have VPN no need for Smart DNS . well the beatify of smart DNS that you could control which traffic goes to the proxy server and which goes locally ! . like if you want to watch something in your country or visit a local site why you need your traffic to go to the proxy server which might be a US based then come back to the local server ! .


in VPN this is doable also  but require playing in routing tables to achieve this . but utilizing dns much simpler .




Huawei B618 LTE-A Pro

bolt.pngHuawei released its new router which is cat11 . with download speed up to  600 MBit/s in the downlink and 50 MBit/s in the uplink.  4 × 4 MIMO  which is really interesting .

cat11 means triple aggregation . better than cat6 which is two ..

there is one catch here you need to watch your Operator does it support it or not . also if you have cat6 with lower speed don’t expect with cat11 you will get higher since the operator network might be congested .

so be careful from some operators saying getting this router you will get higher speed . don’t be foil for commercial stuff¬†ūüôā


Verify Your ISP Internet Speed


For Most is the usual site to verify ISP/Telco speed. how accurate is it I’m not sure .but I’m sure of one thing . when you are running a speedtest you run it against your provider ! so in this case you measure the speed to your provider network ! not the external internet speed ! .

what is the catch . some providers give speedtest ( the local hosted one ) more priority so when you perform a test you will always get higher speed ! . but when trying to browse the internet you will feel it slow .

some providers throttle Torrent and other kind of apps which we can speak about later .


there is a new site that measure the speed and experience in different way which personally I like . they don’t download a file or do ping only . they perform multiple tests such as running youtube in different quality ( SD,HD) .¬† in addition they started to give ranking to providers in Kuwait for example

they are not the best but they are very cool . try them and tell me what do you think ūüôā . link below

also they have iPhone,andrio app



LTE Watch

There is a good site offer a great tool to manage your Huawei Router . it is usually used to troubleshoot signal related such as RSSI etc . but the beauty of this tool is the following .

ability to change Freq yes . you can force your Huawei Router to which Operator Freq it can connect to . such as 800Mhz , 1800Mhz , 2600Mhz .

sometime operator Freq is congested ( loaded ) . so you could play around to find a good freq to connect to .

don’t forget also you could force LTE-A if you prefer .


this is really a great tool and I advise any Tech person to give it a shot ..


one note , for Huawei Router it has special image so make sure you download the right tool for Huawei router .

Link To the Tool

Huawei lte router e5186s-22a firmware

huawei-routerThis is my First Post after two years of stop . and i hope this time i continue to post knowledgable content supporting all .

this time its about Huawei LTE Router e5186 . its not that easy to find a firmware for this router . but i managed to find one person who had most of all operators customized Firmware . in addition to the latest ones + originial Huawei image .

Firmware Image Download Link

Upgrade procedure is a bit tricky once you run the multicast upgrade tool , you need to prcess the wps+ wifi buttons together in proper timing . i could make a video to explain it if i see comments asking for it .

personally i like the LMT firmware , it show you which Freq you are connected to . also if aggregation is working or not .



Personal Firewall And Caching Solution

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.43.55 PM

Pfsense is a solution capable to do multiple things . its a security , Load Balancer, Chaching , VPN Server , DNS and many more . also u can buy a hardware with installed application on it or u just need to install it on a virtual machine . the good news also amazon is now offering PFsense as a solution .

Enterprise File Sharing a DropBox like !

File Sharing and what most call it now File Collaboration is booming , most enterprise wants a drop box similar solution .

Dropbox know for it easy of use and Free decent storage ¬†! But …..

Enterprise companies wont risk putting employee data on an open solution ,specially critical Data . and in same time file sharing is most important .

here comes the solution ; which is enterprise File Sharing ;

Citrix provide this option via their Cloud Based




EMC/syncplicity Provide File sharing and Sync via their Cloud or it can be installed into your enterprise network




accellion/kiteworks provide file Sharing via their cloud also on premises ( private )





this is not a comparison between the three product , its all about that such solutions exist .

the need for it in my opinion for :

  • Secure File Sharing
  • Collaboration
  • File Synchronization ( backup user Data to enterprise storage )
  • Give your employee a drop box similar which is more secure ( prevent them from using free stuff as dropbox )
  • Offload emails ( no need to send large file via email , you simply can share a link and you can define who to download also expiry date.