Huawei lte router e5186s-22a firmware

huawei-routerThis is my First Post after two years of stop . and i hope this time i continue to post knowledgable content supporting all .

this time its about Huawei LTE Router e5186 . its not that easy to find a firmware for this router . but i managed to find one person who had most of all operators customized Firmware . in addition to the latest ones + originial Huawei image .

Firmware Image Download Link

Upgrade procedure is a bit tricky once you run the multicast upgrade tool , you need to prcess the wps+ wifi buttons together in proper timing . i could make a video to explain it if i see comments asking for it .

personally i like the LMT firmware , it show you which Freq you are connected to . also if aggregation is working or not .



5 responses to “Huawei lte router e5186s-22a firmware

  1. please do, i did a reset for the router and it looks like it downgraded the firmware.. and i cant get it to check for firmware updates. any help is really appreciated

  2. carrier aggregation works only on Elisa (Finland) frimware BV7R2C0update_21.318.01.00.260.gz but does not work with a service provider with only one band, for example 1800Mhz. in that slave the connection will be interrupted every ten seconds and so on. I’m disappointed with the Huawei E5186s-22a. This does not happen on the ZTE MF286 for a perfect CA and no CA