Home Surveillance System – Home Camera –

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Well home monitoring is an important thing specially if you have kids you want to watch remotely . or maybe u are traveling and want to verify things .

in addition having a store or a shop u want to keep an eye on .


the easiest solution is D-Link my cloud camera solution . why ? much cheaper than Hawally DVR solution were they sell the DVR with 200KD and each camera around 10 or 20 KD . also internet setup is complicated and no much software update


D-Links rocks !!! just install the camera ( the night vision one cost 25KD in Hawally ) register an account on dlink cloud , and u are done … you can watch with ur iphone ,ipad or web browser

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there is a free software called D-View , u can install it on a PC and records video , also enabling motion detection alert .

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an easy and cheaper solution 🙂


about security i think Dlink is much secure than regular DVR systems .


Check it out on Youtube 



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