Zain Lte 4G external Router Antenna

If you are suffering from Weak Lte signal in your Zain Lte 4G router , i guess the best option is to get external antenna for it .


Zain router can support two Lte external Antenna from the back of the device



be careful dont buy any antenna from Kuwait market , make sure you get 1800 Mhz antenna . most kuwait shop are selling WIFI which is 2.4 Mh antenna claiming its for Lte , also some type ZAIN antenna on back of it and this is wrong .


if you like to get an antenna online you can get it from ( Lte Zain Compatible ). DeLock is the only one i could find online , Below it specification


Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 7.50.44 PM


11 responses to “Zain Lte 4G external Router Antenna

  1. Any luck with the antennas ?
    Because I need those antennas and I wish that you give the feedback regarding the matter.

    Thanks in advance

  2. i just subs. to Viva 4g LTE and i use the provided external Antenna, i flush a firmware that can unlock the setting , after all that still i am getting only 2 bar of signal , some time 3 but mostly 2. this is my feed back about this experience thought let you know guys, My bro will DIY Antenna and will see the result and shear it with u as well.
    waiting your experience AdvanceConfig cheers.

  3. Advance , excuse me , i have Zain lte router B593 , Version B firmware however everytime when i try to upgrade manually its says extracting failed , can you please help me ? thank you

  4. Hi
    Try these antenna with zain 4g lte and really its little bit better than before also the speed better but not to much
    The signal is stable nothing change
    But before it was unstable
    So it is something useful

    Thank u


  5. I have a weak mobile signal at my home , any idea how can i fix this ? Can I get a 4G/mobile signal booster from local market ?