Zain Lte 4G external Router Antenna

If you are suffering from Weak Lte signal in your Zain Lte 4G router , i guess the best option is to get external antenna for it .


Zain router can support two Lte external Antenna from the back of the device



be careful dont buy any antenna from Kuwait market , make sure you get 1800 Mhz antenna . most kuwait shop are selling WIFI which is 2.4 Mh antenna claiming its for Lte , also some type ZAIN antenna on back of it and this is wrong .


if you like to get an antenna online you can get it from ( Lte Zain Compatible ). DeLock is the only one i could find online , Below it specification


Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 7.50.44 PM


WIFI Killer – Android app – rooted-





WIFI Killer is an android app which is used to kick or deny users from connected to specific AP .

great app , but remember your android should be rooted


below is more info about it



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Zain Lte

ZAIN Kuwait has lunched it Lte Network “its wrong to say 4G” . LTe technology gives you a high speed compare to the regular 3G .. Lte can give you up to 100Mb download and 50Mb upload . with Lte+ theoretically it can  reach up to 1G . also the most important point which is good for gamers is the delay . Lte Delay is less than 50ms . Locally it can reach 20ms !! WOW


Zain offers the Lte via different device models ,currently there is ;

  • the USB : good for single Laptop and quit fast than the router 
  • the Router : Good for Sharing and it has a hub 4 ports
  • the MIFI : which is soon i guess by next week

the choice is yours , you can even check NEC routers model NEC has a router/MIFI with external adapter for better LTE coverage .

personally i tried the router , it is good but one note about it , it WIFI antenna is not dual streaming so WIFI speed is not that much fast . you will notice that when you connect your pc direct via the cable and try speed test via cable and wifi . you will notice the difference .

a good trick is . if you still having your ex DSL or Gw Router . connect it to Zain router , disable zain router WIFI and use your ex device WIFI .

Zain router support external LTE antenna . if you can get it Lte signal will be more good 🙂 .

Torrent Download is great

even youtube streaming

for itune movies download i didnt see much different .  i guess Zain will be working to improve that

you can check prices at zain web


Small Note ; if you are looking for Lte for Iphone you can reserve your iphone from Zain , but one note Lte enabling is controlled by Apple not Zain , begging of 2013 Apple will allow it .