Employee Satisfaction

last week i had small discussion with some co-workers about a situation where an employee in X division was upset because they shifted his place in same floor from near the windows let say to another place . the employee was very sad and didnt work as expect .

the question was how to deal with this behavior .. and is this employee serious for a place he is upset and might cry ? or let take it extreme quitting his job ?


my first decision was this employee shall leave the company . what a joke a simple office movement make him act like this ?

i kept this in mind and i had asked the same question to some co-workers


X friend said , this guy he shall understand why they moved his office , might be for his good or near to his team . or preparing him for good position .. the meaning he need to understand why this change happen .


Y friend said , no you must bring him back to his place , he is out of his conform zone ! employee satisfaction is a must !



then i spent sometime thinking about X,Y opinion .. which both true

for X , yes the employee need to understand and know why the change took place, also he need to accept it if he wants his job . for silly thing he mad a problem . this superior will think what after ?


for Y , true employee satisfaction good , specially increasing productivity .  the question came to my mind what if this employee  work is not to that level . and yes im his boss and i put him back . so im expecting increase of productivity and more trust .


conclusion , we need to accept the changes sometime and try to understand it . in addition think big not small issue will affect us and our performance . last if you want to stay in your comfort zone you need to give the extra mile .

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