Bulk Edit For F5 Config

Simple . sometime you create some pools and virtual in F5 LTM . and after you want to change the name of the pool or the virtual name . if you want to do it from the GUI it will takes hours . also might introduce interruption for services .


the best way to do it is like this …..

use SFTP client and login to the Standby box , pull the file called bigip.conf from /root/config ( this works for LTM and TMSH )

edit the file by editor such as notepad ++ . after upload the file to same directory


depend on you OS you are using type b load or in tmsh mode type load sys config


YESSS the new config is there now ,


why on standby huh ?


answer is easy for verification and make sure no interruption once verified , do a reverse sync

sync from standby to active node

or from active sync from standby peer



enjoy 🙂


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