iphone ios 6 application lock ” guided access “

its a nice feature in IOS 6 , called application or certain area lock or how the apple called it guided access .

this is very useful if you want to give your mobile to a person and want her/him to check certain thing not to play or moving to other things .

even if you want to share one photo with a person not letting him to browse other photos keeping your privacy safe .


how to enable it , simple

go to General



accessibility tab


under learning tag , choose guided access



enable it and set your own 4 digit password


after that to utilize this feature

you need to open any application you want , then push the home button 3 times .. a menu will appear . you can click start button and it will work . to exist this 3 times push home to unlock


for picture or specific area only . then circle the place you want and click start.




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