Iphone 5 Order online – Kuwait –

If you are looking to Order Iphone 5 , cant wait the availability in Kuwait stores . or think you will get it cheap


you can order it from apple UK online store http://store.apple.com/uk

you need to have UK shipping address service such as Aramex


notes you need to consider , Iphone 5 needs Nano chip . Wataniya and Viva announced it will be available but still Operator didnt got the chips and they didnt test it yet . so be patient


LTE : no Operator still have LTE service , keep in mind LTE has different frequencies as Band 3, 5 etc .. you need to choose the one fits with your Operator .

MOC still didnt agree on LTE Licenses for Operators so you might not enjoy the LTE Speed . in addition u might later to change your device to the model which support operator LTE frequency


i guess Model A1429 ( UK ) will works fine With Zain , for Viva might be Model A1428

recent note : Kuwait custom do not take charges for Iphone , so u need only to pay the delivery Price


additional thing , you might consider to buy the 30pin adapter since iphone 5 has different power adapter “lighting”  why ? cus you dont want to throw the old adapter you already have for Ipad,Iphone and Ipod . also the car adapter





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