Windows 7 Hyper Terminal

Windows Hyper terminal is very famous software in win XP , unfortunately in Windows 7 microsoft had removed it …. Well Guess what you can have it back u only need to have the two files to run this powerful software the hypertrm.dll and hypertrm.exe   they can be found in windows XP if you still have it .


you can download the files from

once you got those two files put them in any directory and YES it will be working 🙂 .

hyper terminal is very powerful specially it still has the xmodem and Zmodem capabilities which are used sometime in cisco switches Image recovery .



Enjoy 🙂

Iphone Nano SIM

Guess what if you want to use iphone A.S.A.P there is a sim cutter for nano . changing the regular or micro sim to Nano sim .

you can order it from amazon . or in kuwait Operators like Zain,Viva and wataniya they will cut it for you free of charge . Dont be foul going for greedy shops and they  will cut it for 1 kd and sometime 5kd and sometime they cut it wrong and tell you go have a replacement SIM !

iphone ios 6 application lock ” guided access “

its a nice feature in IOS 6 , called application or certain area lock or how the apple called it guided access .

this is very useful if you want to give your mobile to a person and want her/him to check certain thing not to play or moving to other things .

even if you want to share one photo with a person not letting him to browse other photos keeping your privacy safe .


how to enable it , simple

go to General



accessibility tab


under learning tag , choose guided access



enable it and set your own 4 digit password


after that to utilize this feature

you need to open any application you want , then push the home button 3 times .. a menu will appear . you can click start button and it will work . to exist this 3 times push home to unlock


for picture or specific area only . then circle the place you want and click start.




Port Scan App for iPhone , iPAD

if you are looking for a good port scan tool for iphone or ipad , then try iNetwork Mapper .

as a network or system administrator it will help you a lot


also you might give a try pingTool from ManageEngine . but this to check network delay.



iexplorer – alternative for itune

if you wish to have more freedom and easy of use software other than itune , then try iexplorer


yes its not a free software but it worth it . music transfer much easier , even photo browsing .


backup is another good thing , even the messages



iPhone iPad Arabic to English Voice translation

well most software available have english translation to other language for Voice , as maybe arabic language is difficult

Guess what –  i translate – support arabic as a voice Cooooooool Huh ?. i tried it and really amazed 🙂

you can get it from




F5 LTM Configuring MAC masquerade

If you have F5 L.B i highly recommend to enable this feature , why hmm as some unix/linux system having problem to update arp  this cus a problem for you when you try to failover to standby unit .. in addition some firewall has ARP security it wont release old arp entry quickly and need to be manual e.g Checkpoint .

why MAC masquerade


You should consider using this procedure under the following conditions:

  • To minimize ARP communications or dropped packets as a result of a failover event.
  • To improve reliability and failover speed in lossy networks.
  • To improve interoperability with switches that are slow to respond to gratuitous ARP requests.

Below url explain how to configure it .


Iphone 5 Order online – Kuwait –

If you are looking to Order Iphone 5 , cant wait the availability in Kuwait stores . or think you will get it cheap


you can order it from apple UK online store

you need to have UK shipping address service such as Aramex


notes you need to consider , Iphone 5 needs Nano chip . Wataniya and Viva announced it will be available but still Operator didnt got the chips and they didnt test it yet . so be patient


LTE : no Operator still have LTE service , keep in mind LTE has different frequencies as Band 3, 5 etc .. you need to choose the one fits with your Operator .

MOC still didnt agree on LTE Licenses for Operators so you might not enjoy the LTE Speed . in addition u might later to change your device to the model which support operator LTE frequency

i guess Model A1429 ( UK ) will works fine With Zain , for Viva might be Model A1428

recent note : Kuwait custom do not take charges for Iphone , so u need only to pay the delivery Price


additional thing , you might consider to buy the 30pin adapter since iphone 5 has different power adapter “lighting”  why ? cus you dont want to throw the old adapter you already have for Ipad,Iphone and Ipod . also the car adapter




Zain Cell – Femto Cell – Troubleshooting

Zain Cell , is a service offered by Zain Kuwait to provide GSM/3G coverage for indoor places

it works via a DSL or any internet connectivity ” it works on WIMD , Mada as example ”

You can have Zain Cell by contacting Zain contract Centre , mentioning that you have low signal coverage in side house such as in basement , they will make a case for you and once confirmed that you dont have coverage they will provide you one for free ( im not sure if it still valid )

anyway once you got the device , Zain Document do not explain much even how to troubleshoot they only mention Light but that is required how to connect it is not that much clear . i will give simple procedures and how to troubleshoot it need to connect the Device by power adapter , Connect the EtherNet Cable as below


if you are lucky it will work from first time ,  keep in mind in order zain cell to work , it need internet connectivity and your router must give it an IP address by DHCP and DNS will get an IP , after using the DNS to connect to NTP and Zain System

b. it will start blinking continuos . this stage it is trying to connect to ntp servers in internet  udp 123

c.after that it will try to connect to Zain Server via IPSEC ( yes Zain femto is secured )

d. after it will scan the frequencies around as Zain , Wataniya , Viva or any to make sure no interference  happen

if all went fine , you will see it blinking on steady status -slow blinking –


if it give you Red light , or continuos Fast blinking then u have something wrong maybe because

a. Device didnt get an ip , this to be checked by your Router

b. no reachability to Zain service , try to ping  ( sometime ISPs having a problem or service is down )

c. image is corrupted , this case you need to do a hard Rest . there is a small button on the side u need small Pin and press it for few second until light become Red  as below



if all above failed then you need to contact Zain contact Centre , providing the IMEI No. Located in device base as below , sometime even they ask for serial no.




Last thing , how to make sure you are connected to Zain Cell , i mean your mobile … if you are connected you will see your mobile signal got High more bars , also when you trying to make a call before it there will be s short beep to indicate that you are calling via femto cell


if not , you need to keep your mobile near until it connect ,or sometime they ask you to close and open mobile <– dont close it instead turn on Airline mode and turn it off this trick works faster .


another good note , the signal handover works from Femto to outside cells .. if you are making a call from femto and you went outside call wont drop .

but if you are coming from outside to place where femto cell has coverage call might drop


Zain Cell works only in side Kuwait <– if you are thinking to have it abroad it wont grantee to work since Kuwait Ministry or maybe international laws prohibit  this .


For Safety keep the Device in a far place , the document mention how far it should be from human since i cant remember .


enjoy .