Cisco Nexus vPC – Virtual Port Channel –

A great feature in Cisco nexus switches now is the vPC a virtual port channel , where if you have two switches Nexus you can create port channel  between them to the desired system . it somehow similar to VSS , but the Switches this time not combined .. advantage small example you have a firewall and want to maintenance redundancy or load balancer etc . you want to bind the interfaces to 2 switches for failover .  and hello this is the solution .

what do u need , of course Nexus switch .

configuration beginning feel difficult but it is easy .

1- you need to create keep a live interface – using the management interfaces of the switch is a good idea,

2-configurate a port channel ,between the two nexus , make sure same Vlans match in both Nexus or it won’t work properly .

3- this port channel use option as VPC data

4- check your setup and u are done .

details can be found in

someone need assistance we can help

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