Unified company email signature for Staff …. exclaimer.com

from small to large companies sometime suffer from the employee does not unify their mail signature . you will find one put bold font , small font and some putting their picture in email . yes i saw some putting their personal picture in email signature . Helllooooooooo why ! u want to be famous or what !.


anyway the best solution is to use automated unified signature . a solution integrated with your AD and read HR employee details … important it is controlled … so company image can be maintained .


http://www.exclaimer.com/ <—-has the solution ..


Nike Fuel + Band

im not a sport guy , also rarely i do sport … but i liked the idea about nike fuel + band … its a watch , it calculate your steps , calories , and yes u can set a daily goal … yesterday i got my nike band and i achieved my first goal :±) coool .


yes u can share ur result with friends which is interesting


well they sell it in Kuwait blink.com but its too expensive ..85Kd …. in nike.com it worth 145$ … amazon 206$ … does it worth it ??? … i guess yes setting a daily goal and monitoring it is the first step to success

Iphone , IPAD WIFI analyzer

Well , i know apple is too much restricted in software ,also i used to have before a wifi sniffer from app store but then apple remove them .. anyway if you like your iphone and ipad . and want a wifi analyzer


http://www.oscium.com has the answer . u need to order their dongle , and download their app “free ” …. coool … personally i like the android one but i need to buy android device ..does it worth it ?