WIMD -Wireless Internet Mobile Data – from the Good to the bad

Well most now are familiar with new Sub ISP called WIMD , me personally liked the Idea since its a wireless solution .. getting rid from the traditional DSL and MOC bad telephone lines , and of course the main reason a disconnect in internet in Thursday and weekend on the head . naaaaa wait until Sunday so problem fixed  .


i like kuwaities company and i highly encourage Kuwaitis . so i said i will give it a try .. this was last April .


send an email after a long think  , i gave the go a head i waited for the long QUE …one month and 1 week . then they were in rush to install my link so i was happy . then they installed device in wrong location .. cool

after long discussion finally they brought my device … i was excited .. they fixed the antenna laid the cable and booooooom

i paid for 6Mb , ya im getting 3Mb a pretty cool . the guy promised after two days to fix it up as he said we have congestion . ok fine two days waiting wont make a difference since i waited for a 1 month and 1 week .


the guy didnt came up ..call centre not picking the phone …

after i spoke to the coordinator he said i will take care ..


after a week no proper answer . …


then finally he said we will connecting you to new site in tec building – ya why not lets do it

after 2 days a guy came … fixing tuning , left right . down up … clicking some keys stroke .. he said well cus i cant see the TEC in line sight i cant configure !!!! he is laying to Who !! i read the document of the Device from the official site signal detection from the device by the SNR .. anyway i trust he knows what he is doing .. said will come later to fix permanent

keep some weeks gap

then i spoke and after lots of emails to their marketing manager .. the guy very respectful and transparent he said we are having issue wait for 2 weeks  . since im working in technical field i understand so lets wait…


after lots of emails even my friends started to complain .. a light came ya they solve the problem they found there is a device making interference to ther equipment in Hawali … sorry guys come on after 1 month you found out ? …

ok fine , next i got a call a guy said i will fix your problem now … ya coool


he came to my house spent hours then he said everything ok …. i trust him


i came home ,, i cant get more than 2Mb . .lots of disconnect . ya i forget to mentioned WIMD had lots of security issues after writing about it in some blogs they fixed it  . imagine you were able to sniff get all users data . login to their devices and play around …

after two days another guy came . .. spent lots of hours said yaaaa your speed rocks !!!! super … i came and checked it was worst 😦


i raise a complain in their social media … facebook they person who work was excellent first .. after he is the worst person i dealt with . answer technician check you are getting 8Mb .. dude ?!?! are u saying im laying .

i gave him snap shot . and sent small torrent .. FYI i dont download illegal stuff so im not using torrent . the guy trying to be cleaver said ya sure slow only one seed . hello im only showing low speed .. so i download and installed torrent with 800 Seed . sorry same problem ! . .

i took his advice and did a call centre call … ya they answer the phone now . the guy there said sure you have slow and will make a case . . hello facebook guy who is laying now ?  rule number one in customer support . customer always right !!!

ya also where is customer satisfaction keep in mind kuwait is small !!!


i spoke again to their marketing manager . promised sure yes well ..ok and will escalate


consider the dusty weather fine . im not pushing someone to fix my connection in the dust . after ?

a week passed and no one showed up ..


conclusion and lesson learned

dont trust a just established company . Kuwaties are typical yes will , enshallah no action

company without a support is useless . beginning you will make money , then u will loose .. dear WIMD kindly see Mada growth ! and learn


last note : see the trick , they always come and check in off peak hours ! any idea why !

solution now as i see :

-fix my internet so i wont complain . which is easiest

– charge me for 3Mb . instead of 6Mb which i never saw

-give my access to my device – the antenna and i will fix it .. i read the document and it is easy to be setup … a note the tech can know if u are taking speed or note from his office no need to come to your home . . but guess they like the old school way 🙂

-Give free internet since i was excellent customer and patient enough

-give me my money back . this is not a win win

– hemaya al mostahlek ? i have plenty they want to complain but this is not ethical for just establish company .. ya guys give them some time .. but not a year


so this is the change from the Good or what i expect to be good to the bad … im waiting now for tomorrow as they promised ..


i guess i need to bring flower tearing it slowly saying they will show fix my problem or not …

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