Speedtest registeration

Well everyone knows about speedtest .. the famous tool to measure your bandwidth …

to admit they have wonderful support and super quick response .. 5 min they make your server up and running !

how to register your server … easy !

download speedtest mini from the main site .

install it in apache or ISS . recommended asp or aspx or php

thats all . ya server specification  it should be at least 1G CPU dual , 100M storage , and 4G Memory easy


u need DNS to make ur ips for as speed1.advanceconfig.com and speed2.advanceconfig.com , why DNS so later if you want to shift server to one no need to contact speedtest support ..smart huh ?

follow the online form .. keep in mind the /speedtest/upload.php or asp must be accessible ..so they make sure your server is a live … dont run HTML <—still alive

booooooooooooooooooom , u are alive


cool trick  . when registering your server always put the address as the county capital . why so it will be shown in main page of speedtest.net …like my country kuwait . …


after they will send email …. u are a live


interesting their reporting  .. u can collect statistics also user location ….ISP or telecom can use it to fix up or see where most people do download …



thank you speedtest.net 🙂


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