The Need for a Good Network Operation Centre “NOC”

If you are working in IT or Telecom and u have a customer base you want to keep and keep growing , then you need a Network Operation Centre “NOC” , or sometime called service Desk . most think service Desk or NOC only to receive customer complains and send ticketing for the concern technical team .. well you are wrong ..


the NOC/service Desk is your front image after selling the product .  if they are not good after small period you will loose all ur customer .


NOC must be 1st or most cases 2nd line of support .. they should aware of technical stuff also has knowledge and the skills needed .


again what make X company better than Y .. technology ?  money ? … power ? , ….. the answer is people ..


now even in NOC there is  a team of security for enterprise companies to monitor any attacks or solve security issues or urgent requests .



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