The Need for New Sites for Mobile Coverage

ALL Telecom companies in Kuwait suffer from finding good location so they can provide GSM/3g service . they usually search for super markets , Government Areas or sometime public gardens . from over looking kuwait …the mentioned location are now full or not easy to find . so I’m recording why not to use Mosques .. advantage in each area or block they are many and in best good places .. also by this u can ask telecom during pray time to shun GSM signal inside the mosque .  even if you care about Health mosques have large space so radiation won’t be a problem , better than to put station in schools , or public gardens were kids play .


might work ?


Idea ; Local Area WIFI

well i always think about this , since we are living in kuwait and it is small county …

why don’t each CO-sociaty”super Markets” or the Area local author to cover an area fully with WIFI , chargable of course ..

instead going to ISP etc . it will be a service that CO-sociaty to provide …

Performance/Fault Monitor – NOC Swiss Knife

last brief  post was about NOC , lets call again the duty of NOC is to solve users incidents as much as they can .. off loading the back end support speed is required also pin point the root cause A.S.A.P … so the answer is they need Good Performance and Fault Monitor …

the P.M/FM must be designed well and cover all network parts from network to application .


i like networking parts so a good solution will be

small – meduim ; solar winds

medium – large ; EMC smart or HP or IBM Netcool

Large ; Prognosis


from experience the worse is Netboss hard to implement very costly

The Need for a Good Network Operation Centre “NOC”

If you are working in IT or Telecom and u have a customer base you want to keep and keep growing , then you need a Network Operation Centre “NOC” , or sometime called service Desk . most think service Desk or NOC only to receive customer complains and send ticketing for the concern technical team .. well you are wrong ..


the NOC/service Desk is your front image after selling the product .  if they are not good after small period you will loose all ur customer .


NOC must be 1st or most cases 2nd line of support .. they should aware of technical stuff also has knowledge and the skills needed .


again what make X company better than Y .. technology ?  money ? … power ? , ….. the answer is people ..


now even in NOC there is  a team of security for enterprise companies to monitor any attacks or solve security issues or urgent requests .



whatsapp on a PC

Well having Whatsapp in a PC ?!! question why , anyway it is posisble simply download customized VM from and then go to google store and download whatsapp as you usuallly do by Andriod .

i think this is good if you like to sit alot on a PC , or u have some commercial you want to ads .

have i mentioned that this software only 7 days trail ? .. ya you  need to purchase it and it is not expensive


Cisco Output Interpreter – configuration Audit

If you have your CCO account at cisco , or have your cisco devices under maintinance contract . you can use very useful tool from cisco called Output InterPreter , it will do configuration audit and highlight critical issues .

dont be foiled by some vendor and they charge you for configuration audit , and u already can have it .




Iphone , Ipad Console , Serial Cable, Cisco ,Network Devices serial

for every network admin the console cable is like the swiss knife , you cant live without it , i found a good console cable for Iphone or Ipad and it is very useful , Why ? …well it is better to have a portable console by iphone or ipad rather than to have a laptop and cisco blue cable and console cable ! . quick , and efficient .. check it in below url . also it is sold in amazon