Investment in people vs system

Well there is a saying ; a system is good as it operator . so investment in people is a must . Lots of companies spend millions on systems but they are not willing to spend maybe thousand on staff . I mean by staff qualified and the one who works smart and hard .

Want to be the best , compute , make profit and save cost then invest in people not in systems .

Good example telecom companies . They are selling same technology with maybe using same vendors . But what makes company better than other ?!

Simply people !

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Cloud computing

Well Cloud computing is a hot topic now a days  , but the question is are you ready for the cloud ? four stages to achieve CC:

  • consolidation
  • virtualization
  • standardization
  • automation
  • cloud !

my opinion standarization is the key , if you don’t achieve it then cloud you create will be black cloud .


one additional thing to remember do you want to create public cloud or private cloud ?

keep in mind the security of the cloud , or all your information will be in Risk .

2013 will have lots of hackers attacking cloud services . imagine what information they will get if they pass through .