Femtocell is a small cellular base station, typically designed for use in a home or small business . you have problem in mobile coverage ? and there is no station near to your home , or no coverage in your home basement ? then this is the best solution .

how it works , simply you have to connect the FemtoCell to a DSL connection , minimum speed Required is 512Kb and best is 1Mb .. you will be amazed that ZAIN Kuwait and Bahrain had this service .  good for customer experience


i think FemtoCell not only for home use only , it can be installed inside malls ,where you will have easy deployment for mobile coverage . no need for the complex mobile networking or built your own , simply you can use the existence malls infra structure , consider the easy deployment .

what else , you can utilize it to build indoor GPS solution , application to navigate inside malls ,

else smart advertizement


sample of products provider







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