Benchmark Testing , or Load Testing .. BreakPoint

i was searching for similar solution long time ago , but guess finally i found one .

BreakingPoint Storm <– awesome product

BreakingPoint Storm CTM Advantages:

A single BreakingPoint Storm CTM produces high-performance traffic from hundreds of real-world applications, load from millions of users, and comprehensive security coverage that includes thousands of current attacks and malware, as well as obfuscation and evasion techniques. The product features built-in automation to:

  • Produce a standardized Resiliency Score™ to measure network and data center performance, security, and stability
  • Measure the performance of massive virtualized infrastructures in the face of peak user load and attack
  • Validate the accuracy and performance of Lawful Intercept and Data Loss Prevention systems

Massive-Scale Performance from a Single Chassis:

The BreakingPoint Storm CTM provides massive-scale performance and realism from a single chassis including:

  • 40 Gbps of stateful application traffic
  • 80,000+ SSL sessions per second from a single chassis
  • 30 million concurrent TCP sessions
  • 1.5 million TCP sessions per second
  • Hundreds of applications and thousands of security attacks
  • 600,000 steady-state complete TCP sessions per second

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