Network Configuration Management

you are working in IT , Networks ? then this is the right tool for you .

network configuration management ; is an application that automate network configuration , check compliance policies , can take backup . and ensure that network changes are done via authorized staff , yes it can give you historical data about each staff logged in and changes they did .

depend on your needs below are some of the good products in the market :

net mri

emc Smart

netcool – IBM


you will feel the beauty of this tool when it integrated with performance monitor

Caching Appliances

This is a hot topic especially for ISPs and telecom , and the question is what is the best cache for me ?

this depend on the Size of your company and the needs below are some of the caching appliances which ranked as top in the market


i prefer peerapp

FYI , most products have local distributors in Kuwait .



WAF ; is a common name for Web application Firewall , Lots think if you have a firewall or Intrusion prevention you are secure . well you are totally wrong web application firewall is more advance and it can detect and eliminate the following for example :

*SQL injection
*hide / prevent developers comments and notes
*learn Web behaviors so suspected ones will be automatically blocked

Good example of best in the market are :