huawei b593 Router “CPE” Unlock External Antenna

Reference to the previous article , if you want to use the external antenna of huawei CPE router , you need to have an image”firmware” that unlock the use of external antenna . Unfortunately  ZAIN Firmware does not unlock this feature , but as a workaround you can download below image and upgrade the router , after you will find the option to use external antenna :)

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 12.40.09 AM


you can use below firmware on your own risk , for testing purpose only


20 comments on “huawei b593 Router “CPE” Unlock External Antenna

  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to upgrade the router logging into it and then entering SYSTEM -> UPGRADE and doing it manually?
    I have dowloaded the image firmare and after unpacking it I found 3 files:
    I presume I should take the BIN file? I am asking as I don’t want to damage the router.
    I would be very grateful for screenshots showing the procedure.

    • I am looking as well if anyway update VIV CPE B593 router LTE, please keep posting and update us. Is there any update available. Is it worth to connect antenna.

      • Can you provide us with a firmware for the unlocked B593. I tried this one and it says it’s not compatiable. thanks

  2. Hi, so do I have to load each file 1 at a time? Do I upgrade the firmware using B593-small.TRX? Then upgrade the firmware using file B593.TRX? Then do the final firmware upgrade using the modem.bin file?

    Or do I just do 1 firmware upgrade using the modem.bin file?

    You said, “you need to install the full file compressed.” What does that mean? What full file?

  3. Tried the above firmware on a Telia denmark branded (Though not locked to Telia) B593u-12 HW rev. B, worked great

  4. what if i cannot access I have a modem of that model but it was locked by the telco which connected me my internet. I can only acces the modem webpage by Is there any remedy so that i can still update the firmware?

  5. I tried to upgrade the Huawei B593, but unfortunately I get the message that the “current product does not match the target product”. In other words: upgrade failed.
    Do you have any other idea?

  6. guys. sorry to ask this awkward question; whats the use of the antennas? are they for LTE or wireless LAN and also is the firmware given at mediafire locked to a network or universal?. thnx

  7. I have a VIVA CPE B593. I can switch between internal and external antenna easily. The external antenna has to be connected to enable it. Mine was supplied with external antenna.

    I am looking for ways to unlock it. So I can use it with my Zain sim card.

    Have anyone tried it?

    • hi John,
      yes i have unbranded my Viva CPE B593 Router with this firmware B593teliaph2_r+m+h+s (1).tar.bz2. although i believe it should work fine, i did not try a different sim card yet.

      • Many Thanks Fawaz.
        It’s kind of a late reply.. i would certainly try it and will give u feedback asap.

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